Hexapods — 6-Axis Stages — 6-DOF Parallel Kinematic Stewart Platforms


Hexapod 6-Axis stages (6-DOF Stewart Motion Platforms) are used for precision alignment and positioning in industries including optics, photonics, automotive, semiconductors and nano-scale automation. Even if your application only requires a traditional 4-axis stage or 5-axis stage, the flexibility of a hexapod is worth considering this superior technology. PI is the global leader in hexapod based precision motion control systems. With more than 1400 employees world wide, 50 years of experience in nanopositioning and motion control and 3 decades of hexapod mechanics, motion controller and software design experience, PI provides the broadest and deepest portfolio of precision motion techologies and can match your application to the appropriate technology better than anybody else.

PI 6-axis hexapods are available for different conditions and applications from ambient to vacuum and non magnetic. A new motion simulator, high-speed, linear motor hexapod is also available. PI recently acquired several motion control companies, with design experience in hexapods, air bearings and industrial motion controllers for laser machining to provide an even broader product offering. Learn more - Hexapod FAQs.

Our electro-mechanical and piezoelectric Hexapod Stewart-platforms have many advantages over hydraulic hexapods. They are smaller, provide much higher precision and most are self locking. Hexapods are available in many sizes, configurations for small loads from 2 kg to heavy loads of several tons. A recent investment in new building with test equipment and metrology for high load hexapods / positioners has allowed us to further strengthen our leading position. All of PI's hexapods are available with dedicated 6-axis motion controllers.

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Hexapod and SpaceFab 6-Axis Positioning Systems Catalog

Hexapod Platform Overview Brochure

Example: Parallel-Kinematics Micropositioning Systems
vs. Serial Kinematics (Stacked) Systems

Advantages of Parallel Kinematics (PKM)
Micro- and Nanopositioning Systems:
  • Lower Inertia
  • Better Dynamic Behavior
  • Smaller Package Size
  • Higher Stiffness
  • No Accumulation of Position Errors
  • Reduced Runout Errors
  • No Moving Cables: Better Repeatability
    and Reliability

Parallel Kinematics 6-Axis Hexapod Robots / Micropositioning System.
  • Six struts support one common lightweight platform.
  • No accumulation of runout errors.
  • Virtual center of rotation, set by one software command.
  • No moving cables, no cable tension: better repeatability & higher reliability.

Serial-Kinematics "Stacked" 6-Axis Stage.

  • The bottom stage supports its own moving platform plus all stages above.
  • Runout errors and tilt errors accumulate.
  • Up to 5 moving cables cause friction and cable management problems.
Watch M-840 Six-Axis Hexapod in Motion Video below.
Hexapod based on electrical linear actuators

Product Examples: PI Precision Electro-Mechanical Hexapod 6-Axis Stages

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H-850 Hexapod H-824 Vacuum-Compatible Hexapod M-860 Motion Simulator High-speed Hexapod
H-850 6-Axis Hexapod Positioner H-824 Compact Vacuum Compatible
6-Axis Hexapod
Video: H-860 6-Axis Motion Simulator High-Speed Linear Motor Hexapod

F-206 Fiber Aligner Hexapod Miniature M-810 Hexapod Custom High Precision Non-Magnetic Hexapod
H-206 Fiber Aligner Flexure Hexapod, for fiber alignment H-810 Ultra Precision Miniature Hexapod Custom High Precision non-magnetic Piezo-Hexapod with NEXLINE® Piezo-Walk® Drives

Nonapod Secondary Hexapod 6-Axis Stage for IRTF Telescope 2000lb Hexapod
Hexapod +3 Medical Robot with Highest Levels of Reliability. Active Secondary Hexapod for Astronomy 1000kg-Class Hexapod Alignment System (1m diam.) Compared to 100kg-Class Hexapod (0.3m diam.)

Active Secondary Hexapod 6-Axis Stage with Tip/tilt Mirror Custom Hexapod for Brain Surgery Custom Secondary Hexapod, Water-Resistant
Active Secondary Hexapod with Tip/tilt Mirror for Telescopes Hexapod as Surgical Robot (photo courtesy of IPA) Custom Secondary 6-Axis Hexapod for APEX Radio Telescopy in Chile

Hexapod for Wide Temperature Changes Hexapod 6-Axis Stage for Inspection Systems Ultra-High Load Hexapod 6-Axis Stage, 1 Ton in Any Orientation
Vacuum Hexapod Positioner System for Wide Temperature Ranges 6-Axis Stage Precision Positioning & Alignment System for Inspection Systems Ultra-High Load Hexapod, Long Travel, Micron Precision, 1 Ton in Any Orientation

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Hexapod Platform for High Load (1 Metric Ton) Datasheet
Hexapod Platform, High Precision, High Load, Datasheet
Parallel-Kinematics Technotes
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Hexapod 6-Axis Stage Applications and Tech Notes

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Ultra-High-Precision 6-Axis Nanopositioning Stages